Open Canoe bushcraft Camp Itinerary
Open Canoe Camp Itinerary (walking option's are also available)

Day one

10.00am - run through safety and paddle skills and some Knott tying on shore, and then spend the morning single / double paddling around the north end of the lake.

12.00am - lunch

1.00pm - pack personal equipment and clothing into barrels and pack the boats, navigate to the camp.

4.00pm - group empty boats, collect fire wood, wood cutting session, dig toilet, choose suitable sleeping area and set up hammocks, tarps etc

5.00pm - fire setting and fire lighting session. Group cook dinner over the open fire and wash up.

7.00pm - drinks around the fire by the lake.

Day two

Early, but not too early -   the group rekindles the fire and gets the pan on for tea.

8.00am - group to cook breakfast over the fire and to wash up.

9.00am - second cup of tea of the day. Free time either for sitting by the lake relaxing or walking in the woods

10.00am - take down hammocks and pack equipment into the barrels. Check around camp for litter. Last cup of tea of the morning before clearing the fire.

11.00am - group paddle to Peel Island.

12.30pm - group return from Peel Island and make soup over the fire for lunch

1.30 pm - group pack the boats, final litter check around site and lake shore

2.30pm - paddle back up north, pack away all equipment.

4.00pm - finish

What�s included � evening meal on day one, breakfast and lunch on day two (Army ration packs or other if preferred), all sleeping and cooking equipment, full waterproof clothing. If you have your own equipment and would like to bring it along thats fine, just let us know.

What to bring � a full kit list will be issued on booking