Overnight camp risk assessment
RISK ASSESSMENT - overnight camps

Specific areas

Rough campsites
Registered / known camp sites

Rough campsites

Risk involved -                       Use of stove's and open fire's for cooking
                                              Out for long periods of time in all weathers
                                              Washing and brushing teeth outdoors

Hazards arising from risk - Accidentally knocking pans and stoves over
                                              Possibility of overheating or extreme cold
                                              Not cooking food thoroughly
                                              Basic health, hygiene and cleanliness issues
Effects of hazard -              Burns and scalds
                                              Hyperthermia, hypothermia, sunstroke etc
                                              Food poisoning
                                              Health and hygiene issues

Risk management -                Stove training and safe conduct around fires
                                              The use of suitable camping equipment.                                  
                                              Instructions for group on clothing, spares taken
                                              Storing and cooking instructions followed
                                              Instructions for group on personal care needs
                                              Pre planning with the use of escape routes

Whilst every care is taken to ensure safety is followed throughout overnight camps, it is noted that every camp will be different and an ongoing risk assessment is required.