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" And into the forest i go to lose my mind and find my soul."
John Muir

"Press Pause"

On every level our lives are bombarded with negative energy which creates feelings of sadness, anxiety and lack. It causes us to be unmotivated, tired, unproductive and to compare our life to others.

Is it time to breath in deeply and take the first step on a journey of simple self improvement?

Ask yourself the question's, are you easily triggered by negative images, messages or subject matter in the media, social media and other mainstream news outlets? do you find yourself resenting friends, family or work colleagues because of their personal beliefs.

Each and every one of us has the freedom to think and feel in our own way, its what makes the world a wonderful place, but when acceptance of individuals beliefs is missing it can lead to negativity, arguments and upset.

Does this resonate with you so far?  if it does its time to "press pause" and work on raising your own awareness and vibration.

already have a wide range of outdoor adventure activities suited to improving mindfulness, self care and self love and now we have expanded on this to offer a day of simple techniques to help you improve your day to day life.

Remember, its important to realise that if we forget to care and love ourselves, how can we care and love others.

We aim to give you the tools, knowledge and enough information to help you set up a daily routine which will improve your mental and physical health from your own safe space, whether that be your home, garden, park or local woodland.

"Press Pause" is a one day program but if you enjoy it, you can return and join our regular community woodland meetings and planned multi day retreats.

"Press Pause" days are organic, they flow with the group. Individuals may want to sit in nature and be in their own thoughts or alternatively join in with a cave drumming session. It really is up to the individuals.

That said, each day starts in a quiet, relaxed and peaceful woodland setting with a cup of herbal tea, plenty of mountain stream water and an organic greens breakfast drink to start you on your journey of simple detox. This is followed by some simple Chi Gong stretching exercise, along with simple breath work techniques.

Our retreat days are open to everyone and will be most suited to individuals who feel that regular group sessions, for example Yoga, gym or circuit fitness are just not for you. We are developing a retreat to help regain lost confidence and to let you find excitement, positivity and light in the future

We will be submerged in nature and away from most of the day to day distractions so we would ask for all mobile phones to be left in your vehicle for the duration.

are building a community of like minded positive souls, individuals who wish to better themselves mentally and physically whilst at the same time helping spread light throughout the world.

If you have got this far and still wondering if its for you, sleep on it, the answer will be there in the morning.

Peace, Love, Patience and Light to you all.