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January 2023 - If you've been out with us over the past years and taken part in our canoe orienteering around Coniston Water, why not come back and take up the challenge of our new course.

2023 is going to be a fantastic year for adventure, so in addition to the Axe throwing, team building games, archery tag and catapulting we added last year, we have climbing and abseiling at our private woodland site just ten minutes down the road from Coniston, in Torver.

Its another great addition to the Paintball and woodland target sports site and has an added bonus for our customers. Over the past ten years climbing and abseiling has become increasingly popular. This increase in popularity has created problems at many climbing venues including parking and over use of the climbs. We are creating a climbing and abseiling venue solely for our customers. A ten metre high abseil with initially two climbs, one at either side with a mix of bolt on holds and some natural hand and foot holds will make this an ideal venue for beginner and experienced alike. This means there is no travelling between venues making it a more comfortable customer experience.

Also for 2023 we have no pain paintball target shooting. Many people want to experience paintball but don't like being shot, so we have created a competitive woodland walk through target shooting. Targets are set in the trees and have varying distances and difficulties.

We continue to keep our paintball facilities up to date and rearranged the site to give it a fresh look but with all the excitement of the popular games. Recent Paintballing customers have given it a big thumbs up, check out their reviews on TRIP ADVISOR or Instagram.

We also offer wellness and self healing days where customers can visit, relax and get back to nature in our private woodland. During your stay you will be given help and advice on how to bring more light into your life and become a more positive human being. Have you had your spiritual awakening yet? please connect with us for more details



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