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" Why should i stay at the bottom of a well, when a strong rope is in my hand."

Knots and Lashing tying for stag parties, Hen weekend activities, school education trips, family groups and individuals - in Coniston with easy links from Windermere, Ambleside, Bowness, Langdale in the Lake District, Cumbria

Is knot tying a lost art?

What do you think? Is knot tying becoming a lost art? With modern equipment, knots and lashings don't seem as relevant in todays world. Studies show that the more you know the more you tend to use skills and the more you see the value of those skills in modern life. Throughout history, cordage has been important in every day life, in fact Archaeologists have found evidence that Neolithic man used a variety of knots in bow making, fishing and hunting.

As you would expect, the majority of knots have their beginnings in the sea faring world and are still widely used today, whilst knots and lashings in everyday life have been replaced by such things as plastic ties and sticky tape.

Its time to revive those skills we gained during our years as cubs, scouts, brownies and guides

Your session will start with a short ice breaker, where your group have to work out the solution to a knotted challenge.

Each individual will receive a length of practice rope and working in pairs will be guided by an instructor through the basics of knot and hitch tying.

You will be shown a wide variety of knots including overhand knots, the figure of eight, the bowline, the reef knot and the clove hitch to name just a few.

For the remainder of the morning your instructor will discuss the pros and cons of various knots and their uses. Its really hands on as you would expect and very therapeutic.

Full day option

After learning the basics of knots and lashings in the morning we will break for lunch and then in the afternoon your team will meet to discuss and draw up plans to build a raft, rope or pontoon bridge.

Many people have the impression that knots and knot tying is a little less than exciting, its quite the opposite, knot tying is a challenging team building, outdoor activity that will test your patience and it will also come in useful in many areas of life! Give it a go!

Reviews for knot tying

Father & Son Day

I contacted Dave Firth at the very last minute and asked if he could run a course for my son and I that covered knot tying and bushcraft. Without any hesitation he took this on and personally instructed on it. The map directions were easy to follow, location was outstanding and we couldn't have asked for better weather.

The course itself was very well prepared and took us through the importance of enviornmental awareness, tools, fire making (flint and twig style), hammock and bivi assembly, water, waste and camp locations. Being able to correctly collect water from a stream, boil it on your self made fire and taste the fruits of your labor through a hot brew and boil in the bag rations made them taste twice as nice. The introduction to axes, saws, knives & spoons took us away from the days of Rambo and into the reality of bushcraft as something that can be enjoyed by all...and it wouldn't have been the same had we not been able to chop wood and play 'responsibly' with sharp instruments!

Daves enthusiasm is infectious and had my son riveted! Funny and down to earth he made the whole day turn into a memorable family moment. I would have no hesitation in recommending this company and will be going again for an extended version of the bushcraft course, only next time with rabbits. A BIG Thank You!

Knot tying is a great outdoor adventure activity for a half day session and can be combined with one of the following activities to make a full day, choose from either

rock climbing, mountain and hill scrambles, abseiling, aquaseiling, open Canadian canoeing, canoe sailing, canyoning, cycling,  gorge scrambling, kayaking, mountain biking, sailing, knot tying, Pontoon and rope bridge building, ghyll scrambling, waterfall climbing, orienteering, navigation, hill walking, archery, rifle shooting, Paint balling, raft building, team building, survival days, culvert scrambling, Tyrolean traversing fishing, bushcraft day courses, and bushcraft and wilderness camps.